How Carpenter Bees Cause Damage to Wood

carpenter bees
After drilling the first hole through the surface of the wood, the female bee usually makes a turn and excavates a tunnel along the wood’s grain. Such tunnels usually run for some inches and they form the cavity in which the female usually deposits its eggs. The carpenter bees also make new holes on the wood as well as enlarging the old tunnels they had created earlier on. This means that if carpenter bees are left unaddressed by for some time, they will cause serious damage to the wood they will have attacked.

Treating Holes drilled by Carpenter Bees

carpenter beesYou should treat and plug all the carpenter bees holes that you can reach. There are different ways of treating these holes as it depends on the time of the year that they are applied. The methods to be used must also put into consideration whether the bees are present in the holes or not. If the female bee will be drilling, then you ought to spray into the hole some contact pesticide like WD-40, hornet and wasp spray. This will make the bee back out and then die. After it dies you should fill the hole using an energy seal or some wood putty. The hole ought to be treated even when it looks empty as the carpenter bee can come back and drill it again. If the bee is not inside then the same action of spraying environmental friendly pesticide in it and sealing it off ought to be carried out.